©2004-2006 Anthony Congiano

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Half a million voices strong
Too many more denied to belong
These years of the right have seemed so wrong
This is the one that broke our backs
One voice one vote we demand it back
We the People have been Bushwhacked
How swiftly deception can spread
Dimples ainít so cute while our flag is bleed
While the truth dare dangles by a thread
Silence the voices from all doubt
Free Speechís dead end with no way out
Then supremely proclaimed, deny the count

As our men die itís no big deal
That nothings found of lies so unreal
Still Halli keeps her sweetheart deal
Science takes a back seat to nonsense
Somebody please kick us off the fence
As big bucks trickle down to cents
Their deaf ears ignore our pleas
As our echoed lives shipped overseas
Poverty pounds like some disease
They hoard it all so proud and bold
As Grandmaís left to shiver in the cold
So donít you dare to dare grow old

What ever happened to the words one voice one vote
That grand ole web weaves a tangled note
While spinning their lies straight down our throats
Freedom's voices have been smacked
Left reeling from a right wing attack
We the People have been Bushwhacked

Don't do as I do... do as I say
Equal rights, unless you're poor or gay
Fourteenth amendment blown away
He wants to amend our rights with hate
Bigots salivating they canít wait
A chance once again to discriminate
See, separation was their way
Blacks, Jews, and chicks but not today
ĎCause today all they've left to hate are gay
Girl youíve suffered too to pay your dues
But, momma Hey! have you heard the news
Youíll no longer have the right to choose
 We live in two Americas