Coins of the Ancient World

Greece, Thrace, Macedonia, Ionia, & Egypt

Rome Republic

The Roman Empire



Greece, Thrace, Macedonia, & Egypt

Celtic ring money with 3 double-knobs 800-500 BC

DOLPHIN Currency, OLBIA, Scythia-Sarmatia 600-500 BC connected with the cult of Apollo-Dolphin who was the patron of sea travelers and  the Sovereign God of Miletus

Early issue of lion head with star burst reverse IONIA - Miletos 600-550 BC (first coinage made by man) 1/12 ST  1.2gm .....8 mm - S-3532

Trihemiobol Satyr-amphora Thasos, Thrace 411-350 BC

Sea-eagle 400-350 BC Istros AR Stater silver

Abdera AR drachm Grifin + Apollo Denomination Silver half drachm Circa 360 - 347 B.C silver

King Philip II Macedonia 359-336 BC bronze  (Father of Alexander III)

Apollonia AR 1/4 drachmObv: Anchor; A to left, crayfish to right. Legend in Greek. Rev: Laureate head of Apollo facing

Parion, 350-300 BC., silver hemidrachm; 2.4 grm. Obv. Gorgoneion facing. Rev. Bull standing left, looking back

Playwright Menander Greece, 342-291 BC wearing diadem and aegis, and thrusting spear held in right hand, Greek legend. Rev.: Athena standing left., brandishing thunderbolt and holding shield; monogram right, Karoshti legend Sear Greek 7604

King Alexander III the Great Macedonia 336-323 BC silver Tetradrachm

King Lysimachos 323 - 281 Macedonia BC Leaping lion Bronze coin bronze (body guard of Alexander III)

Ptolemy I 323-305 BC ancient Egypt, under Greek Rule,  bronze Coin, Zeus on Obverse (Svoronos 206) (General of Alexander III)

King Perseus Macedonia 178 - 168 BC. AE-19. Head of hero Pe5rseus rt. / Eagle


Dionysos, Greek god of fertility, 148-100 BC wine, vegetation, pleasures & civilization, bronze, Maroneia Greek city on Aegean see After 148 BC Silver tetradrachm

Antiochos VIII Seleucid Kingdom 121-96 BC Zeus standing left, crescent on head, holding star and scepter


Rome Republic

C Cladius Pulcher Moneyer 110-109 BC silver

Gaius Marius 157-86 BC (T. Cloulius Moneyer, Rome mint 98 BC, Refers to Marius' victories over the Teutones and Ambrones at Aquae Sextiae in 102 B.C. and the Cimbri at Vercellae in 101 B.C.)

L Cornelius Sulla 138-78 BC (Sulla & L Malius AR Denarius. 82 BC. Helmeted head of Roma right, L MANLI PROQ / Triumphator in quadriga right, crowned by Victory, L SVLLA IMP in ex. Syd 757, Cr367/5.)

Consul General First Triumvirate Marcus Licinius Crassus 115-53 BC

General Consul First Triumvirate Pompey the Great (Cnaeus Pompeius Magnus)  106 B.C.48 B.C (49 BC Q. Sicinisu Moneyer, palms on reverse refers to Pompey's past victories over Pirates. Fortune on the obverse refers to a hopeful upcoming victory over Caesar

General Consul First Triumvirate Dictator Julius Caesar 47-46 BC silver (minted in North Africa during battle with Cato)

General Tribune Consol 2nd Triumvirate Marc Antony 31 BC  issued to the 7th Legionary at  the Battle of Actium, silver

Consul General 2nd Triumvirate Marcus Aemilius Lepidus Caesar's Calvary Commander  

The Roman Empire

Emperor Augustus Caesar (Octavian 2nd Triumvirate)
27 BC - AD 14 Denarius silver

Emperor Tiberius 14-37 AD. AE-As. Rome Mint. Rx./ Winged caduceusaduceus

Emperor Caligula 37-41 bronze

General Marcus Agrippa 63-12 BC (Minted under Grandson Caligula 37-41 AD) copper

Emperor Claudius AE AS issued AD 41-42 bronze


General Germanicus Caesar 15 B.C.A.D. 19 (Minted under his brother Claudius)


Emperor Nero. 54 - 68 AD. Silver Vesta silver

Emperor Galba 68-69 Obv: IMP SER SVLP GALBA CAES AVG TR P, laureate head right. Rev: CERES AVGVSTA SC, Ceres seated holding corn-earns and torch

Emperor Otho 69 OB: IMP OTHO CAESAR AVG TR P, bare head right /  RE: Securitas standing left, holding wreath and scepter Rome Mint

Emperor Vitellius

Emperor Vespasian 69-79 silver
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Emperor Titus 79-81 silver

Emperor Domitian 81-96 AD silver

Emperor Nerva Den Liberty AD 97 Nerva AD 96-98 silver

Emperor Trajan
98-117 silver

Emperor Hadrian 117-138 AD silver

Emperor Antoninus Pius AD 138-161 silver

Emperor Marcus Aurelius, 161 - 180 AD silver

Emperor Lucius Verus 161-169 Laureate head right / Praetorian Galley

Emperor Commodus Pax 180-192 silver

Emperor Pertinax 193   

Emperor Didius Julianus 193

Emperor Septimius Severus 193-211 Marcianopolis mint bronze

Emperor Caracalla AD 196-217 Den MONETA - LAODICEA silver

Emperor Geta 209-212 Silver Denarius. Rome Mint. Rx./ Felicitas standing lt

Emperor Macrinus 217-218 Nicopolis. Rx./ Tyche standing

Emperor Elegabalus
, 218 - 222 AD. Silver

Emperor Severus Alexander 222-235
(Denarius Mars reverse)   

Emperor Maximinus Thrax 235-238
Victory advancing right, holding wreath and palm. Rome mint

Emperor Gordian 238

Emperor Gordian II 238

Emperor Pupienus Maximus 238

Emperor Balbinus 238

Emperor Gordian III
238-244 silver

Emperor Philip I Phillippus Arabs 244-249
Pax standing left, holding olive branch and transverse scepter. Rome mint: AD 244

Emperor Philip II 247-249 Obv.: Radiate, draped bust right.  Rev.: Moesia between bull and lion

Emperor Trajan Decius
AD 249-251 silver

Emperor Herennius Etruscus 251

Emperor Hostilian 251

Emperor Trebonianus Gallus 251-253
Pietas standing, star to the right Cohen 84a

Emperor Volusian (Volusianus) 251-253 (Co-Ruler with his father)  OBV.IMP.C.C.VIB.VOLVSIANVS.AVG. REV.VIRVS.AVGG.Virtus stg r.,holding spear and leaning on shield. Weight:3.7 grams REFERANCES.RIC206,sear9776,Cohan133

Emperor Aemilian (Aemilianus) 253

Emperor Valerian 253-260
ORIENS AVG, Sol standing. aVF

Emperor Gallienus 253-268

Emperor Saloninus 260 (Co-Emperor with Gallienus) struck AD 258 - 260 as Caesar under Valerian I and Gallienus. Uncertain Syrian Mint. 3.39g. SALON. VALERIANVS NOB CAES, his radiate and draped bust rt. / SPES PVBLICA, Saloninus, in military attire, standing rt., holding a sceptre, receiving a flower from Spes who stands lt., wreath above. RIC 36; RSC 95a

Emperor Claudius Gothicus 268-270 (Genius holding patera and cornucopia)

Emperor Quintillus 270
Obverse: IMP C M AVR CL QVINTILLVS AVG. Radiated and draped bust right. Reverse: PROVIDENT AVG. Providence standing left, holding rod and scepter, globe at feet.

Emperor Aurelian 270-275

The Gallic Empire
follows death of Valerian

Emperor Postumus 260-269
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Emperor Marius 269

Emperor Victorinus 269-271
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Emperor Tetricus 270-274
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Emperor Tetricus II 270-273 (son of Tetricus & co-emperor) Spes advancing left, raising her skirt and carrying a lotus flower

Emperor Tacitus 275-276

Emperor Florianus 276
Jupiter standing left holding thunderbolt and scepter. Exe: TTI Ticinum mint: AD 276

Emperor Probus 276-282 (Ticinum Mint. Rx. Providence standing)

Emperor Carus 282-283 Radiate bust right, cuirassed Rev: PROVIDENT AVGG - Providentia standing left, holding globe and scepter Mint mark: XXI | II Siscia mint

Emperor Numerian 283-284 (Rome Mint. Rx. Hermes standing)

Emperor Carinus 283-285
Fides standing left holding two standards. Exe: K (dotted crescent) A (epsilon) Rome mint: AD 284-285

 (splits empire, rules Diocletian east)

Emperor Diocletian 284-286 Obv: Radiate bust right, cuirassed Rev:  Jupiter presents Victory on a globe to Diocletian Exe: above line K (Gamma) Cyzicus mint

Britannic Empire

Emperor Carausius 286-293 OBVERSE: [IMP C CARAVS] IVS PF AVG, Radiated draped bust right
REVERSE:  [FORTVN] A AVG , Fortuna standing left holding cornucopia and rudder

Emperor Allectus 293-297 ALLECTUS : BRONZE QUINARIUS Reverse: VIRTVS AVG.  Galley moving to right. C mint


Western Empire
after split by Diocletian

Emperor Maximian 286-305 (Jupiter handing victory to the emperor)

Emperor Constantius I 305-306 (Father of Constantine the Great)

Emperor Severus II 306-307

Emperor Maxentius 306-312
IMP MAXENTIVS P F AVG, CONSERV VRB SVAE, Roma seated left and Victory
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Staint Helena ?-330 (Mother of Constantine the Great)

Emperor Constantine I the Great 307-337

Roma comemrative minted under Constantine the Great

Posthumous issue after Constantine's death (minted 346-347)

Emperor Delmatius Caesar 335-337
Obv: Laureate bust right, cuirassed Rev: Two soldiers standing holding spears with one standard between them

Emperor Licinius II 316-324 Follis Vows V rare  bronze

(Maximian returns as Emperor 307-308)

Eastern Empire
after split by Diocletian

Emperor Galerius 305-311 Genius standing left mint of Serdica

Emperor Maximinus Daia 310-313 (Sol head of Serapis)

Emperor Crispus AD 316-326 Obv:  Laureate head right Rev:  Wreath within is written VOT V Exe: T (crescent) A Arles mint:

Emperor Licinius 308-324 (Siscia Mint Jupiter reverse)


Re-United Empire
Reunited by Constantine's defeat of Licinius

(Constantine rules united Empire 324-337)

Emperor Constantine II 337-340

Emperor Constans 337-350

Emperor Constantius II 337-361

Emperor Constantinius Gallus Caesar 351-354

Emperor Julian I 360-363

Emperor Jovian 363-364 Diademed bust left, draped and cuirassed. Rev: VOT V - Within wreath. Exe: HERACB Heraclea mint

Western Empire
follows death of Jovian

Emperor Valentinian 364-375

Emperor Gratian 367-383

Emperor Valentinian II 375-392

Emperor Magnus Maximus 383-388
DN MAG MAXIMVS PF AVG. Draped bust right, SPES ROMANORVM.Camp gate with star between its turrets

Emperor Eugenius 392-394

Emperor Honorius 395-423

Emperor Constantius III 421 (Co-Emperior with Honorius)

Emperor Anastasius 399-401

Johannes (John) 423-425
Emperor Valentinian III 425-455
Emperor Petronius Maximus 455
Emperor Avitus 455-456
Emperor Majorian 457-461
Emperor Libius Severus III 461-465
Emperor Anthemius 467-472
Emperor Olybrius 472
Emperor Glycerius 473-474
Emperor Julius Nepos 474-475
Emperor Romulus Augustus 475-476

Eastern Empire
follows death of Jovian

Emperor Valens 364-378

Emperor Theodosius 379-395

Emperor Arcadius 395-408

Emperor Theodosius II 408-450 Constantinopolis enthroned holding Victory on a globe and scepter, on left, her foot stands on prow of a galley. Exe: SMKA Cyzicus mint: AD 401-403

Emperor Marcian 450-457 Diademed, draped and cuirassed bust to right. Rev.: Monogram of Marcian in wreath

Emperor Leo 457-474
Leo facing right right, DN L[EO] / Verina standing b-[E]. RIC 713-718

Emperor Basiliscus 475 - 476

Emperor Zeno 474-476



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