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Front Row O  
1994 & 2002  Anthony Congiano

Darkness everywhere, Straight ahead she stares

Far to scared to look away, Scared just enough to stay

    I feel she feels me there, I feel she like the scare

Every once in a while, An uneasy smile


Thereís a girl all alone in the front rowÖ O

Iíve chose to sit behind her

Fearing for dear life from the front rowÖ O

Iím less then an armís length behind her


With terror in her mind, Iím suspense right behind

I sense her skin shake, I taste her tension ache

I toss my breath in her hair, And slowly rake the chair

With silence all around, I feel her heart pound


This theaterís getting weirder

Take this strangerís stranger still

My friction more than fiction

Presents the presence of her will


The very bowels of hell, Splattered across the screen

Canít match my eerie presence, And she loves what I mean

Horror is the lust, On which we feast

The proof is when she flings around, Just to thank this beast


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