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Attitude out of Know Where
Ó 1992  Anthony Congiano


Sometimes you laugh with the wink of an eye

And then you scream, and I’ll never know why

Arm and arm on our own… your someone armed to moan

Holding hands in the street… then you angrily stamp your feet


…and give me that

Attitude out of know where


When your soft voice

Flips to a ragging tone

Twist the knife nag

Run me out of my mind

Push me out of my soul

Shove me out of control


…and give me that

Attitude out of know where


Romance once it’s dark… then you’re foaming to bark

Hot and ready to lick … but then psychotically sick

We’ll be messing around… but then that screeching sound

Making love in our bed, you seize a chance to screw with my head


You hum a pleasant note… then you lunge for the throat

Wet your lips and smile… then flip out weird and wild

You cuddle close at first… then for my blood you’ll thirst

We wrap up to embrace … you come apart like a mental case


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