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So low Solo
1994 & 2002  Anthony Congiano

Got me a heavy date, with some sleaze I used to hate

I plan on her shaking her stack for me

I spit shinned my leather pair, changed my holy underwear

All to make me a more appealing me

I scrubbed where the sun donít shine, rehearsed all my witty lines

I plan on claiming whatís coming to me

Iím bound to blow all my bread, but Iíll get her butt in bed

Iíve built up a banging game plan by me


I picked her at her door at eight, she inhaled the most pricey plate

Then we did two boring "B" movies on me

Her champagne ride home was sheik, for me just a peck on the cheek

I canít believe what she did and didnít do to me

Now I got my solo cue

ĎCause Iím not gonna be with you

And I donít really mind to stoop so low

Stoop and go soloÖ


Now I wallow in my empty void, depressed, peeved, pissed, and annoyed

And the only one here to hold is me

And now that Iím all alone, just me and my pleasure bone

All alone seems all alright by me


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