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Phoenix 2x Lens tests with the Minolta Dimage 7i


I used to have a Phoenix 2x Hi Mag lens, it had 46mm rear threads, the front (filter side) was not threaded and it produced a good... if not very good result with the Minolta Dimage 7i. However, that lens was lost a few months back.

I was very excited to learn that Phoenix was releasing a new 2x lens, specifically designed for use with Digital Cameras, with a 62mm rear thread and 72mm front thread... I was hoping it would be at least as good if not better than the older version but, alas... the results are not stellar as you can see below. 


First, here are  before and after examples using the old...

The first was taken at 200mm using the 7i...The second was taken using the old Phoenix Hi Mag 2x lens, you can see the center of the image is clear, along with most of the overall image, there is only a slight vignette in the corners. The slightly out of focus background is due to the depth of field, as you will see in the next example of a flat wall.

aaPicture 110.jpg (111641 bytes)    aaaaPicture 132.jpg (95553 bytes)

(click the thumbnails above to see a large image)


Here in the second before and after example, using the Hi Mag version, you can see a shadow vignette in the corners however, the image is sharp edge to edge.

Cameta_200mm.jpg (77764 bytes)    Cameta_200mm_Plus_Phoenix_2x.jpg (86754 bytes)

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Now it's time to check out the new and disappointing

The first image below, was shot  with the 7i at 200mm... The second was taken using the new Phoenix 2x Digital lens. As you can see, only the center of the image is sharp. The issue is not with the focal length or depth of field either, as the focus point was the blue sign, and even in the sign you can see that words "Thank you" are a bit blurry. Just look at the red sign behind the blue Citgo sign. You an see the end of the words "Genovese Pharmacy"... those letters are sharp but... although the focal length doesn't change, just look how blurry the words "Cellular Plus" are, as you move further away from the center. The red sign is at the same depth of field but the center of the shot is sharp while all around the edge is blurry.


(click the thumbnails above to see a large image)


The examples below prove that the lens lacks clarity, at least with the Dimage 7i, due to the lens shape and not depth of field, as the next two examples are of a flat surface. The first shot (below) was taken at 200mm with the 7i. Here in the second, the new Phoenix 2x Digital lens was used. You can see the blurriness except for the center of the image.


(click the thumbnails above to see a large image)


So, if you're in the market for a telephoto lens for your Dimage series camera, the best  choice still seems to be  the Olympus A-200.

The new Phoenix Digital lens, with the 62mm threads, simply is not as sharp edge to edge as the Hi Mag version; at least when tested with the Minolta Dimage 7i.